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Client background

Large health insurer providing individual and group medical insurance to clients in Hong Kong and Asia.

The challenge

  • Lack of ability to launch complex health products with customizable parts because such a product. requires a very complex system

  • Hard to have products with quick customization capabilities because there is no easy visual builder for products.

  • Lack of online forms with satisfying user experience for digital client onboarding because of the high complexity of the product itself and the large amount of data input required.

The solution

CoverGo used its revolutionary no code product builder to set up one of the insurer’s complex medical products in a visual manner, using it as a template with important parts such as:

  • Underwriting rules

  • Pricing rules

  • Benefits and limits

The product is then directly connected to a frontend distribution site where the data for the product is synced in real time. Clients can enter this website and fill in a digital form to obtain a preliminary quote for the product and also create an account in order to save their information and continue the customer journey later on. PDFs are generated and populated by the customer data input after completion so the insurer can follow up with the client.

Business impact

  • Allowed a highly complex insurance product to be digitized and service clients directly online without human intervention

  • Allowed data to sync between two different processes: from the product development and launch to the frontend distribution

  • Reduce downtime between product launch approval and putting the product on the distribution site, meaning product launch speed is much faster

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