World’s Largest Publicly Traded P&C Insurer

Client background

This large international insurer’s Asia branch has been providing comprehensive insurance and investment protection to individuals and organisations since the 1970s. Over the years, we have come to understand the individual requirements of our customers and are continuously adapting and innovating to meet their changing needs in different life stages.

The challenge

  • Lack of microinsurance for self-storage owners because there is no online solution that can reach that audience.

  • Speed to market is slow even for simple products due to lack of internal technical capabilities.

The solution

CoverGo has developed an online distribution site for a self-storage micro-insurance product in 3 weeks for the client to respond to the needs of an industry that is relatively new and unexplored for revenue.

Business impact

  • Increased revenues through a new online distribution channel

  • Capacity to launch new products 10x faster than with previous systems

  • Opened new revenue opportunity from an underserved industry

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