Large P&C Insurer in Asia

Client background

This major insurer has been around in the insurance industry for more than 50 years. They have a steady flow of revenue from offline channels and offer a wide variety of products and services.

The challenge

  • The major insurer could not abandon all its legacy software in one fell swoop. They needed to be able to slowly onboard products and administration processes onto a new system.

  • Many offerings from tech providers often have an all-or-nothing approach, meaning companies have to either onboard a full solution or not be able to start their digital transformation. This meant a bottleneck for any sort of digital transformation in the future.

  • Finding a technology provider that could create a gradual onboarding digital transformation process is difficult because most providers are not modular.

The solution

With its flexibility and configurability, CoverGo is able to offer the insurer a gradual way of onboarding the new digital process into its ecosystem. First, by starting with using parts of the CoverGo system and slowly onboarding the rest of the system and then finally migrating old data into the new system. The insurer was also able to use the CoverGo system as a middleware for some products to start rather all at once, making implementation time faster and more efficient.

Business impact

  • Allowed for digital transformation process to occur without sacrificing all legacy at once, making for smoother transition

  • Reduced administration costs for select products, allowing more processes to be automated

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