Company background

AXA is a leading insurer providing retail, health, and P&C insurance products. Part of the global AXA Group, AXA Thailand’s mission is to achieve sustainability and prosperity for its customers through diversified and comprehensive insurance products to reach all of its customer’s needs.

The Challenge

AXA had expressed a need to drastically improve its claim processes to improve customer experience, staff efficiency, and overall business performance. Current manual processes resulted in a backlog of claims, while AXA was looking for a scalable solution that could be easily integrated within their ecosystem, setting the stage for future improvements.

The Solution

AXA has adopted the CoverGo for Health platform. The platform being modular, AXA adopted the Claims module of the platform that will be integrated within their existing ecosystem.

This module enables AXA to now process claims digitally. Through a digital provider portal, hospitals are able to view member information, policy and benefit quotas, create claims seamlessly. Through the Claims portal, AXA claims staff can process claims digitally (including individual and batch creation, settlement, investigation, alert creation, tracking, document management, and more), while some processes are now automated.

CoverGo for Health platform also sets the stage for future improvements within AXA’s health ecosystem, since the platform has end to end features from product building, distribution, and policy administration.

Business Impact

Using CoverGo for Health provides benefits for AXA’s key stakeholders.

Benefits for AXA clients

  • Claims can be submitted by clients or providers digitally and seamlessly through dedicated portals, without the need for paper forms and/or emails.

  • Claims are adjudicated instantly and automatically, or in a few days only for more complex cases.

  • Claims are paid faster through automated processes

  • Improved customer experience overall

Benefits for AXA employees

  • Digital and user-friendly portals for claims handlers enabling simple claims to be adjudicated automatically, and complex ones to be processed seamlessly

  • Reduction of claims backlog, where claims handlers can focus on investigations rather than low-value tasks

  • Document management removing the need for emails and large attachments

  • Digital processes throughout to remove the need for paper and/or manual processes

  • Reduction in human errors and compliance issues

  • Improved employee experience overall, proven to reduce staff turnaround

Benefits for AXA’s overall business

  • Up to 80% cost savings on claims operations based on similar projects for other insurers in the region

  • Reduction in fraud & abuse through better data analysis, capture, and logic

  • Increased sales through up/cross-sales enablement on the member portal

  • Improved oversight of processes & data for better business strategy definition

  • End-to-end CoverGo modules enabling further process improvements outside of claims and/or medical products

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