Provider Portals

A full-fledged healthcare portal that delivers the power to your providers to find members, submit claims and GOPs, and live tracking of claims/GOP statuses. Providers can take action or contact related insurers when needed.

Mobile responsiveness.

Providers portals are built with mobile in mind so that providers can take action and contact their insurer from anywhere.

White label.

Provider portals are white label, keeping your providers familiar with your brand.

Search members.

Providers are able to search and view member lists, claim history for an easier management experience.

Online claims and GOP submission.

Providers can submit Claims and GOPs completely online.

Live Claims and GOP status monitoring.

Providers can monitor claims and GOP status at any time.

Contact Health Insurers directly.

Provider portals offers a go-to point of contact with the insurer, keeping all insurance communication in one place.