Product Configuration

Our patented no-code drag and drop product builder empowers business users to create any type of health product completely on their own.

Drag and drop.

Just drag and drop different rules or elements to your plan and start building instantly. Click to open components for more detailed control over your plan.

All health product types supported.

Whether you’re offering individual, group, or both, CoverGo handles your product configuration needs with your product type in mind.

Benefits structure.

Drag benefits nodes to your plan for a truly out-of-the-box experience, select your benefit type or create sub-benefits for a more tailored product building experience.

Underwriting rules.

Drag and drop underwriting rules to create conditional coverage that stays dynamic with the data you collect from your customers.

Pricing rules.

Drop in simple unit pricing for your plan or specific coverage, or create formula-based pricing and banded premiums for a ratings based pricing model.

Data model.

Create data models that collect data dynamically through your underwriting and pricing rules for a more streamlined and intuitive quote-bind-issue experience.

Run simulations.

Your business users can also directly test their product through simulations to see whether their pricing, underwriting eligibility, or rejections are in working order and the product is ready for launch.

APIs behind the scenes

Not only has the product been built, but the CoverGo platform has been generating all your necessary API tokens in the background this whole time, so that your product can be issued and distributed outside your system.