CoverGo wins top insurance tech award & Tomas Holub awarded Leader of the Year at IFTA Fintech Achievements Awards

Organized by the Institute of Financial Technologists of Asia (IFTA), the IFTA FinTech Achievement Awards Presentation Ceremony was held on 19 August 2021.

In its third edition, the IFTA FinTech Achievement Awards of this year was themed “Embracing FinTech amid New Normal and Accelerating Digitization” to celebrate enterprises and individuals that have embraced industry trends emerging amidst new normal with innovative financial technology. Responding to fintech development and market evolution, the “Corporate Achievements in FinTech Awards” were divided into “FinTech Solutions” and “Advanced Technology” categories to honour fintech and technology in multiple sectors across Asia. The Awards attracted participation from over 55 leading fintech companies under 14 award categories.

CoverGo has won the top Insurance Tech Platinum Award, another clear recognition of its insurtech leading position thanks to its unique no-code API-driven insurance platform.

Tomas Holub, Founder & CEO of CoverGo, has also been selected as Leader of the Year by IFTA, a great recognition of his leadership and work bringing CoverGo to where it is today. “The Leader of the Year award is a great recognition of all our achievements since starting CoverGo four years ago,” Tomas Holub said. “As an insurance technology provider, we endeavour to promote digital transformation in the insurance industry and empower insurance companies to streamline and automate their processes. We have built a no-code insurance platform powered by more than 500 APIs to provide insurance companies with real-time product distribution, policy administration and claims processing. I would like to dedicate the award to my whole team, and express my sincere gratitude to all the supporters that have helped us become an insurtech market leader in Asia and beyond.”

Fintech Achievement Awards 2020 – Insurance Tech Platinum Award. Presented by Selina Lau (Chief Executive, The Hong Kong Federation of Insurers) to Tomas Holub, Founder & CEO of CoverGo.

Fintech Achievement Awards 2020 – Tomas Holub, Founder & CEO of CoverGo, receiving Leader of the Year Award. Presented by Dr Charleston SIN (Executive Director, MIT Innovation Node)

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