Caribou Honig, InsureTech connect founder and CoverGo lead investor, meets the team at ITC Vegas 2022

27 September 2022 — Last week our team presented CoverGo’s award-winning no-code insurance platform for P&C, health, and life at InsureTech Connect in Las Vegas, the world’s largest insurtech conference founded by our lead investor Caribou Honig.

Our uniquely positioned SaaS insurance platform clearly stood out as the market leader in the insurance no-code space and sparked a lot of interest amongst the 9,000 attendees. Our team demonstrated a live demo on stage and gave an interview about our expansion in the US. 

InsureTech Connect was also a great occasion to meet and exchange insights with the industry thought leaders in person, especially with Caribou.

Caribou, also known as ‘the Godfather of Insurtech’, led our Series A funding round with his California-based SemperVirens Venture Capital. He is also a part of CoverGo’s board, providing a substantial validation of our global enterprise no-code SaaS insurance platform.

As Caribou says: “There are only a handful of technologies that are significantly transforming the insurance industry, and no-code is clearly on the shortlist. As carriers lean into enabling innovation, CoverGo is uniquely positioned to accelerate its digital transformation and drive efficiencies across the insurance value chain. CoverGo’s next-generation platform is providing carriers with an unbeatable mix of speed to market, cost savings, and security to succeed both now and in the future. We are excited to support CoverGo on its growth journey and expansion in the US market.

Caribou is a great inspiration as we grow CoverGo globally. With new clients and ecosystem partners in the US, Canada, Asia, Latin America, Middle East, and other markets, our annual recurring revenue has increased more than 20x since January 2021 with 100 team members onboard.

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