Distribution Enabler

Take the products you built beyond the platform and into the hands of clients with our distribution enabler.

Automatic API Keys.

Products built on CoverGo automatically generate API keys for a seamless and quick digital distribution experience.

UI schemas.

Data modules from your product built on CoverGo also automatically generate UI schemas that help distribute your product without disrupting your look and feel.

Custom UI.

Insurers can build their own custom front-end portals and/or embed CoverGo products in their existing websites and other channels.

Embedded insurance.

Easily embed your product in the shopping experience of your potential customers courtesy of our 500+ APIs that will connect to any marketplace or platform.

Affinity partnerships.

Our UI schemas make it easy to distribute your product among your affinity partner’s channels while maintaining their brand appearance.

Broker/Agent distribution.

Deliver your product to your army of brokers and insurance agents. CoverGo’s broker portal makes it easier for brokers and insurance admin teams to collaborate on proposals, claims, and more.

Bancassurance distribution.

Integrate your products into the workflows of your banking partners for a more digital bancassurance distribution experience.

Upsell and cross selling opportunities.

Don’t just distribute your product, use CoverGo to find opportunities within channels that have upsell and cross sell opportunities.